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Central Michigan Recovery and Education Network (CMREN) Comments on Proposed Medicaid Policy 2113-BH

CMREN acknowledges the changes outlined in the Proposed Medicaid Policy 2113-BHDDA Peer Recovery Coach Certification. We agree with and support the Analysis and Recommendations in the following Michigan Center for Rural Health (MCRH) Analysis and Recommendation of Proposed Changes.

CMREN does have one additional recommendation specific to the Training Program options. We support the MCRH recommendation that CCAR trainings and certifications be recognized and integrated into the proposed changes. CMREN recommends publication of training program guidelines, allowing community colleges to offer the training in both synchronous and asynchronous formats across the State of MI, eliminating any access and cost barriers to training. This recommendation provides options, removes barriers, and allows ease of access to training for those working full-time, through the potential for self-paced modules, virtual options, and convenient locations for those seeking onsite learning.

Read the Full Report Below

Comments on Proposed Peer Recovery Coach Certification - CMREN
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