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CMREN-FSU is aware that there are funding sources in existence that support evidence-based SUD service expansion. One of the goals of CMREN-FSU is to partner with consortium members to apply for relevant funding to increase the opportunities for SUD/OUD education and services in the service area. All projects described below were completed with HRSA RCORP-I funding. HRSA-FORHP RHND projects will be added as accomplished.



Telehealth in Rural Michigan:
Increasing Access to SUD/OUD Services in Mecosta, Osceola, and Newaygo Counties

In May of 2021, through HRSA RCORP-I funding, Ferris State University, in collaboration with Family Health Care, was awarded a Community Impact Grant from the Michigan Health Endowment entitled "Telehealth in Rural Michigan – Increasing Access to SUD/OUD Services in Mecosta, Osceola, and Newaygo Counties”.


A collaborative study was a of the current use of telehealth specific to SUD/OUD in the three-county to improve access, reduce stigma, and decrease costs to patients.  The project will pursued the identification of strengths, opportunities, and gaps regarding the use of telehealth focused on the inclusions of clinical pharmacy as a source for SUD/OUD telehealth medication education and management, and a social determinants of health evaluation. The telehealth project was deemed successful, with Family Health Care replicating the model to other areas of telehealth within their system. The project also implemented a new pharmacy residency program between Family Health Care and Ferris State University College of Pharmacy which allows  pharmacy graduates pursuing specialized post-graduate study in rural health.

Open Access Narcan Boxes

CMREN donated eleven repurposed newspaper boxes to partners in Mecosta, Osceola, and Newaygo Counties, in 2023 through HRSA RCORP-I funding. The boxes were placed in public areas, allowing community members to access free Narcan. Collaborative partners include:

  • Central Michigan Health Department - Reed City

  • Big Rapids Community Library

  • Michigan College of Optometry - Ferris State University

  • Corewell Health - Mecosta, Osceola, and Newaygo counties

Corewell Health Addiction Center Project

CMREN partnered with the Corewell Health Addictions Clinics, providing funding for the purchase of two telehealth-compatible computers to be used in the new Addictions Centers in Big Rapids and Reed City, opening in 2023, through HRSA RCORP-I funding

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