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CMREN is aware that there are funding sources in existence that support evidence-based SUD/OUD service expansion. One of the goals of CMREN is to partner with consortium members to apply for relevant funding to increase the opportunities for SUD/OUD education and services in the service area. 




The Michigan Health Endowment Fund is a philanthropic foundation that works to improve the health and wellness of Michigan residents while reducing healthcare costs.


The Health Fund supports organizations across Michigan, from grassroots groups addressing local health challenges to large agencies working in every county. From the urban streetscapes of downtown Detroit all the way to the rural corners of the Upper Peninsula, our partners are doing innovative, evidence-based work to improve the health and wellness of Michigan residents.

Telehealth in Rural Michigan:
Increasing Access to SUD/OUD Services in Mecosta, Osceola, and Newaygo Counties

In May of 2021, Ferris State University was awarded a Community Impact Grant from the Michigan Health Endowment entitled "Telehealth in Rural Michigan – Increasing Access to SUD/OUD Services in Mecosta, Osceola, and Newaygo Counties”.


This project will be a collaborative study of the current use of telehealth specific to SUD/OUD in the three-county to improve access, reduce stigma, and decrease costs to patients.  While we have an initial awareness of the struggles with telehealth and access in our area, this project will allow for a deeper dive into telehealth use. The project will pursue the identification of strengths, opportunities, and gaps regarding the use of telehealth and will include the introduction of clinical pharmacy as a source for SUD/OUD telehealth medication education and management. Additionally, this project will explore the use of the licensed FSU pharmacy to serve as a central hub access point for remote patients to seek interprofessional services for pharmacy, social work, and behavioral health in collaboration with community service providers. The voice of the community will play a large role throughout this project, as it is the input of those seeking and/or receiving the service who are most important to this study and in the development of solutions.


This project will address three key areas: Access to care, cost, and stigma reduction.  It will be inclusive of the current status, strengths, opportunities, and gaps. In addition to CMREN partner insight, community voice will be imperative.  Data gathering will occur through partner and community surveys, and community town hall meetings. Analysis of the information will lead to the development of a strategic plan to address opportunities and gaps. 

The Project Director and Evaluator will report to the CMREN leadership team monthly, as well as the CMREN Governance Board and Associate Partner quarterly meetings, throughout the project.

Jonni Williams
Janice Nguyen

Project Director

Family Health Care

Pharmacy Resident

Ferris State University

Jean Elder
Heather-Leigh Strouse

Project Evaluator

J.K Elder & Associates 

Project Evaluator

J.K Elder & Associates 

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